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Get that beautiful smile you've been waiting for!

¡Smiling is an Art!

Your smile is one of the first things people notice about you.

A healthy and beautiful smile also makes you feel more confident and happy. This is the reason we CRAFT the best smile just for you!

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    Smile design is a set of procedures that change the color, size, shape and position of the teeth to give the smile a more harmonious appearance.


    Dental implants are fastly becoming the new standard in tooth replacement. They are a popular and effective long term solutions for people who suffer from weak teeth, missing teeth or chronic dental problems.


    Crowns are used to restore function and aesthetics to an affected tooth. It can also be placed on an implant to achieve the functional shape and structure of a tooth.

  • ORAL

    Oral rehabilitation is the branch of dentistry focussed on diagnosing the patient’s problem and creating a specific treatment plan to restore the aesthetics and functionality of his oral cavity


    Veneers are a treatment that will achieve the effect of a natural smile, they are minimally invasive and very durable as long as they are performed with a professional and the instructions are followed to the letter.

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With Smile Design


Every patient wants the same thing: the combination of health and beauty in a natural looking smile. Implants, veneers, composite bondings or anything else are just procedures of a treatment plan that is uniquely designed for each patient.

Uniquely designed because every person is unique.There are no two identical persons in the world. The same applies to smiles and teeth.Every tooth, every shape, every texture nature has ever created is uniquely beautiful.Today we can copy that and design truly natural and beautiful teeth.

We recreate the small imperfections and asymmetries that nature uses to produce a beautiful smile.


Have a healthy, natural looking smile with long-lasting results

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Tu sonrisa merece un cuidado profesional y personal. Es por eso que nuestro equipo está aquí para brindar atención dental integral. Ya sea un diseño de sonrisa, implantes dentales, coronas, rehabilitación oral, carillas, empastes y onlays, o simplemente un chequeo y limpieza, estamos aquí para ayudarlo.

¡Creemos sinceramente que visitar a un dentista no debería ser una experiencia aterradora o estresante! ¡Brindamos una experiencia de relajación igualmente cómoda para todos nuestros pacientes!

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    Reason To Smile

    Our Dental Care Specialists

    Dr. Natalia

    With her extensive training and experience, Dra. Natalia provides her patients with the highest quality of dental care using the latest techniques and technology. She is always updating her knowledge and skills to offer the best that dentistry has to offer.

    Dr. Romero

    Dr. Andrés Romero is a leading endodontic specialist with a solid academic background. He obtained his dental degree from the Autonomous University of Sinaloa between 2009 and 2013, where he laid the foundation for his career. Subsequently, he specialized in endodontics at the prestigious CINEO Institute during the period 2016-2018, consolidating his experience in the field.

    Dr. Marco Antonio

    Dr. Marco is passionate about transforming his Patients’ lives by restoring their beauty, confidence, and health. He is a global leader and a pioneer in Aesthetic dentistry, with a reputation for excellence among his peers and his patients.

    Dr. Andres Olvera

    Dr. Andres Olvera is a highly qualified dental surgeon with extensive academic experience and experience in the field of dentistry. Graduated from the Autonomous University of Baja California (UABC) in 2006, he has continued his education and training with various specialization programs and diplomas.

    Why are we an option for your oral health?

    In Vivant our procedures are custom-tailored to fit the needs and goals of each patient.We do everything that’s possible just to see you smile again

    Our goal is to achieve or create a natural dentition with a beautiful smile. A Smile Style consultation that allows you to see the smile you could have. We study your unique skin color, lip line, gum shape, gum color, and overall facial shape and then with the help of technology, we preview your new smile prior to any treatment so you know exactly what you and your new smile will look like.


    Get that natural smile you’ve always wanted with a smile design.

    Dan Hiemenz
    Dan Hiemenz
    Want to give Vivant Smile Design a 5 star review. Just got back one week ago.Had a wonderful experience. The cost of my work done was a small fraction of what it would have cost back in the states. Zahid their business associate was so helpful on my journey. Would not have been in such peace without his help.
    Christine Kerrigan
    Christine Kerrigan
    I have had several bad experiences with Dentist here in the States, to the point of not wanting to see a Dentist. Well Thank God for Vivant Smile Design. Not only because my all on four turned out so beautiful but everyone that work’s their gave there all. Dr Natalia was my Dentist she was so concerned about my comfort and how my new teeth would look, she really cared and it showed. I was picked up at the border from Zahid the patient coordinator. He was always on time and very professional. Being picked up and returned to the border is not offered by all the dental offices. This was very important to me because the locals try to sell you there wares and it sometimes can be overwhelming. But Zahid was always there for me. Vickey at the front desk was so kind and informative. The girls and one gentleman that assisted Dr. Natalia were fun to have by your side. The service I received was way above what I have had here in the states. Actually, the lab tech’s that made my teeth for me came to the office to observe how my teeth should be made. They did an excellent job. I miss everyone at Vivant Smile Design they each touched my heart and soul. They treat you like family. There was never a language barrier. I feel I now have a family member who is a dentist. How convenient is that? If you are looking for a great 5 star dental office Vivant Smile Design is who you want to go see. I know they will not disappoint. Dr. Mario is Dr. Natalia’s husband although he did not work on me his standard of service highly rated. I have invited the two of them to visit me in Arizona. I want to Thank all that work at VSD for making me feel so comfortable and safe.
    Paulette Flores
    Paulette Flores
    THE ABSOLUTE BEST! I have never received such physical and emotional care in a doctor's office. Recommended to me by a coworker. I am 70 yo my dental health is requiring some serious work. I had an emergency on Sat 10AM and called Vivant the team rallied around me and patched me up gave me a care plan.. The doc came in looking like he was on his way to the playa he is a genuis. Also, my smile is beautiful. No pain. Holistic Dental care..go figure.
    mitch h
    mitch h
    Super friendly great service treated my wife Christine like that special person that she is thank you very much
    Laura Bollinger
    Laura Bollinger
    Aloha, I’m Laura Bollinger. My husband, Roy, was referred to Vivant by our close friend. We were nervous about going across the border for his dental work, but Dwane assured us of the safety of Algadones and emphasized the proficiency of Vivant’s dentists. And, he was totally correct about everything he had told us regarding Vivant including: security of the Lot where we parked before we crossed the border, being picked up right as we crossed, feeling safe in that part of Mexico, the accommodations / the Clinic being minutes away, comfortable and clean / the staff being friendly and professional / both Dr Marco and Dr Natalia being knowledgeable, efficient, caring, and that they both speak English! Zahid, (the great guy handling all of the arrangements) made it all very easy for us; he was responsive, punctual, thorough and always made us feel valued. Plus, the cost of my husband’s full set of implants / dentures / needed bone graft, was 1/3 what four US dentists had quoted us (and much less than all of the inquiries I made from other Algadones dentists! In fact, we liked Vivant so much that I quickly made an appointment for myself!! Needless to say, I highly recommend Vivant for any and all of your dental concerns. Stay healthy, Laura :)
    Annie Fitzpatrick
    Annie Fitzpatrick
    Vivant. A good group, very welcoming. Dr. Marco and Dr. Natalia and all their staff are great. I came down in April and I'm very happy with my crowns. Wish I lived closer I would do follow up with Vivant.
    Larry Parsons
    Larry Parsons
    I’m from Canada and needed some dental work done. Vivant Smile Design was recommended by a number of friends who utilized their services. My initial contact was months before with Zahid. He was of great assistance throughout the process, which involved sending my dental records. They reviewed them and offered a few options for treatment. Zahid picked us up once we crossed the border. Dr. Romas was very informative we reviewed the X-rays and photo’s his team had taken. I ended up getting more work done than initially anticipated, but I am very happy with the end result. Dr. Romas told me to come back annually for checkups at no cost and that his work was guaranteed for life. He was not happy with one crown, which he said had too much space between the adjacent tooth and would gather food. It resulted in about a two hour delay, but he wanted it done properly and his lab created a new crown. Since then Zahid has sent a number of text messages to ensure all is well. Virginia is their primary administrative support person and was wonderful, too. A great experience. Larry P
    Paul Vincent
    Paul Vincent
    I recently visited Vivant Smile Design in April 2024. I definitely did my research and found they were very skilled and was the best option for me. I was thoroughly informed on every stage of my smile design. My final results exceeded my expectations!!! I smile more often when before I would cover up my smile.
    Paula Steiner
    Paula Steiner
    We made a $5900 deposit on work to be done at a later date. Then this office started saying they wanted more money & had to put my husband under general anesthesia. We decided not to continue with the work & asked for our deposit back (less the cost of work they def). They only refunded $2500 of our deposit. They were so rude when we went to get our money & Natalia wouldn't even let me tell how disappointed & upset I was. She just kept talking over me. Then they made us sign a statement saying we were ok with this outcome. Otherwise they would give us nothing. Be very careful of this practice. They are very dishonest.
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