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65 year-old patient, Clifford Couse, came into consult after noticing a dark shade on his front teeth and mentioned having a feeling of having food stuck in the area. After the appropriate evaluation, a poorly adapted 4 unit fixed bridge was diagnosed by smile designer, Dr. Marco Giraldo Ramos. The decided treatment was to extend it to 6 units to fertilize the lateral and dissipate the dental flaw mentioned. Today, thanks to VIVANT, Clifford has a brand new smile of which he feels proud to show.

When 65 years old Myrna Hoffer noticed pain and sensitiveness on her teeth, she decided to schedule an appointment at VIVANT. During consult, an evaluation was made and she was diagnosed with resins and carious injuries, as well as an overbite and overjet. According to smile designer, Dr. Marco Giraldo Ramos, a few crowns correctly placed were enough for Myrna to recommend our services and have a smile she is confident with.

A special case. This patient came into consult feeling uncomfortable with her own smile. She also mentioned brown spots on her teeth. After an appropriate evaluation, smile designer, Dr. Marco Giraldo Ramos, diagnosed her with dental fluorosis and amelogenesis imperfecta, caused by drinking tap water years ago. The right treatment to go through with, was an orthodontics, to adjust her teeth and proceed to design her a brand new smile. A gingivoplasty to shape the gums and 6 crowns were also implemented. She is currently happy and grateful for the smile VIVANT achieved on her.

Recommended by other VIVANT patients, 60 year old Pamela Gugel, came for a consult presenting a lateral extraction and sensitiveness on her teeth, caused by breakages and poorly adapted resins. During consult, the patient talked about her major concern: her smile. As it is our specialty, smile designer, Dr. Marco Giraldo Ramos decided to perform a complete smile design and apply lithium disilicate crowns. Today, Pamela is openly satisfied with the appearance of her smile and recommends our service 100%

Previously healthy 75 year old female patient, Mary Boyer, consults for sensitiveness on the crowns that were also not sealing correctly. Mary also said she was mainly worried about the aesthetic of her smile. After the appropriate evaluation, smile designer, Dr. Marco Giraldo Ramos decided that the ideal treatment for the case was to perform a complete rehab with porcelain metal crowns on central and lateral teeth. The patient said to be pretty satisfied with the results and now, she has a new smile to share with the world.

A patient that came in with a serious injury on a previous resin. After an appropriate evaluation, our smile designer, Dr. Marco Giraldo Ramos, decided to perform an incrustation in order to restore the tooth that was keeping the patient from having the smile he deserved.

A cavity and change of color in the tooth as well as noticeable pain were the symptoms that took this female 35 year old patient to a consult at VIVANT. The evaluation indicated the reason of her pain was caused by a molar caries. However, the patient was looking for a minimally invasive treatment and that is why smile designer, Dr. Marco Giraldo Ramos decided to perform the correspondent resins. Today, this patient has a new smile she feels confident with.

A patient made an appointment at VIVANT due to a concern that went beyond a pretty smile: he wanted it to work. For this, smile designer, Dr. Marco Giraldo Ramos performed a mimetic rehab to restore the functioning of the denture. Now, the patient is satisfied with a denture that works as it should.

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